Sunday, September 27, 2009



NYC based jewelry designer Erica Weiner offers an exquisite collection of memorabilia jewelry, each handmade piece with a distinct story to tell. Sifting through her website of nostalgic goods is like peeking into cabinets of curiosities, reading through Victorian forget-me-nots, or visiting the relics of the Natural History Museum. Each corner you turn is something eclectic that piques your interest, inspired by books, history, and folklore from around the world.

There's something for everyone: from the Flight Protection travel talisman bracelet, to the Waldorf Astoria cocktail pick (used to skewer martini olives from the '30's-50's) to the to the penis bone necklace ("Did you know that small mammals, like foxes, raccoons, and lynxes have penis bones that are disproportionately large to their body sizes? Well, they do. This is a 2 1/4" mammal's penis bone, probably from a fox, that has been cast in various precious metals.")

Each item is environmentally friendly, oxidized and plated to give off that antique heirloom quality. There's an element of surprise: some vials and pendants contain relics you won't discover until your package arrives. To boot, with prices ranging from $20-$110 it won't break your budget either.

Read through her website here to get a free lesson on strange history, biology, and style.


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