Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Mark Fast (London's leading cult leader of skinny, cobwebby knitted dressing) & Jo Sykes' Spring 2010 Collection

..& it's so refreshing. i think they look great. yet so few designers are willing to take the risk.
as style copycat says: "Beauty and style are not about size or age, but only a few designers dare to break the rules." that's because there are consequences:

Mark Fast--"show stylist quit over the designer's insistence on including three models from a plus agency on the runway amongst regular girls."

Jo Sykes, "'My mission is to design things that are gorgeous, simple, with an edge but not ridiculous, that women of all ages can buy into," She proved it by putting 81-year-old model Daphne Selfe into a pair of silver leather jeans and a nude silk shirt.'" If only it would catch on, mixing rail thin models w/ beautiful regular women actually makes me want to buy the clothes, because i can see how they look on real people.

source: via style copycat

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