Monday, October 26, 2009


Young love: a throwback to the kate moss & johnny depp days. damn they look so good--among the most picturesque couples ever, their relationship was so iconic of the 90's. well, so were johnny & winona--they were even more passionate, i think, first love :) He seems to be better off now though (not so much kate w/ her recent selection of men).
Depp was definitely (more of) a stud back then, as for kate..
well she's on fiiire

He said about Vanessa Paradis:
"Vanessa, for me, has been kind of a miracle. I feel as though I’ve met the one who you think about as a child, searching the world over and finding the one, the right one. I feel very blessed to have her."FLARE, November 2001. so sweet. after 10+ years together, deep love (vs. passion) prevails.
source: tfs, deathtricks blog

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