Saturday, November 21, 2009


..these are a few of my fav-o-rite things:
1.) this corto moltedo handbag & awesome silver ring
2.) the old shoe switcharoo with friends & slightly ripped tights
(the rip on the stockings just make it so approachable--p.s. bought pretty pricey tights from american apparel & after last night's young audience's gala at the waldorf & rosebar they're torn to shreds. even nail polish couldn't save them. stick with cheap rue or quality wolford)
3.) leather biker gloves--i want weathered brown since everything in my closet is black black black (raye you've got me hooked) :)
4.) moschino/chanel vintage letter belt, goes w/ everything
5.) the classic chanel 2.55 bag
6.) watercolor glasses, photo taken at Red Hook, as shown on my teacher/mentor
mary morris' wonderful blog
7.) TORN by Ronny Kobo sequined blazer
8.) Giles multi strand chain bracelet
9.) my dad's amazing miniatures (which i intend to put in a gallery)!!
10.) Mark & this image that captures it all so well
& of course my family, samba & amazzzzing friends :)

source: the satorialist & unknown

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