Sunday, December 13, 2009


This chick is sweeeeet. Epic style, amazing collabs + her jewelry is out of this world.
Pamela Love x Zac Posen collection (some kind of beautiful magic) now available at Opening Ceremony!!
It's macabre/flower girl/rocker chick/alice in wonderland/fantttttastic. This relays back to my older posts: here & here
Catch 'em while you can, you know they'll be gifted for Christmas & off the racks before you can even sleep on it.
Watch a rad video of Zac & Pamela's collaboration at ELLE

Bergdorf's Christmas display windows are loosely dedicated to Lewis Carroll. This jewelry collaboration is inspired by Alice in Wonderland; Tim Burton has the Alice flick coming out; MoMa has the Tim Burton exhibition. Snoop Dogg's new CD is Malice in Wonderland. Move over Where the Wild Things Are--it's Alice in Wonderland frenzy!

My only question is: where are the two toned gold & silver iris & sword earrings?
are they already sold out or have they not been stocked yet!?! i need to know. prices range from $215-$625
source: elle; ny mag; opening ceremony; le fashion; refinery 29; racked


  1. i'm so in love with her collection, and style..
    and YOUR blog! every post is amazing.. i'm definitely a follower!

    love love liv <3

  2. I loveeee itttttt :)

  3. i LOVE pamela love and her jewelry, and she looks great in these pics!

  4. SANTA(ngelo) got me the silver leaf & gold iris sword earrings!!!!!!!! So excited <3


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