Friday, January 22, 2010


Risko's Ranbowification:

Prada fantasy lookbook. can't get enough of it. dali would be proud.

source: fashion gone rogue, Hobogestapo & SRC783


  1. friendly suggestion from an active follower:

    i think it would be good if you focused on orginal content. i just saw a bigger blog reference the prada lookbook 48 hrs ago. ditto for the hair trends from refinery. what makes a great blog, imo as a reader, is NEW material based on the uniqueness of the author. there are thousands of fashion blogs out there and only are handfull widely-followed. what separates the best from the average is the originality --> fashion RISKS that reference both runway and street fashion but are interpreted in a new way.

    faithfully yours,
    izzy blow

  2. Thanks, Izzy, for your suggestions & taking your time to write them. I do agree with them & appreciate what you said. I simply wanted to add this post because I personally loved it so much when I saw it a few days ago & it's been on my mind ever since. I suppose it was more for myself & some readers who are not avid blog readers. Nonetheless, I generally agree :)


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