Thursday, September 23, 2010


Sophie Elgort & I did the P.R. for the Colombian Luxury Event in August at the Altman Building--an amazing 2-day event attended by our favorite fashion-forward friends.

Me & Sophie Elgort

Jenn of Le Fashion & her beau; my beau, Mark Santangelo, of Universal Mastering & me

Upon entrance, guests were greeted by a spectacle of twenty chrome mannequins dressed in Colombian high fashion by some of the country’s most prominent designers and adorned with handcrafted jewelry by designer Mercedes Salazar. Large, captivating images by Colombian photographers, including Carlos Ruiz, cascaded from the ceiling as the crowd mingled.

Andres Cabas & Friends

The event showcased a series of three fashion shows by: Pitahaya Swimwear, Silvia Alfonzo & Edwing D’Angelo. In between the fashion shows, Latin Grammy-Nominated Colombian musician, Andres Cabas performed to an enthusiastic crowd.

one of our favorite models, Alexius Diana

me & talented YARNZ designer/founder Mateen Shah

The rad Tay Trong & Sunnez

The two-day event raised awareness of the Colombian Fashion, Beauty, Luxury, Travel, and Entertainment world to the New York City trade. Buyers, designers, socialites, potential customers, and media alike were present for the historical and fashionable showcase of Colombian Luxury Lifestyle Show in NYC. If you missed out, you can see coverage on from Getty Images, CBS, FrockOn, John Simon Daily, Le Fashion, Haute NYC, Fashion Ledge, Area New York, WireImage, the Examiner, among many other outlets.

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